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Council Corner

Annual Meeting Recap:
January 31, 2016

I want to thank all of the people who participated in the Annual Meeting and for the commitment and ideas that were a part of the meeting. Just to recap the three main points.

1. On the issue of New Ministry Initiatives. Lori is going to talk with Chef Joel about doing cooking classes. In the past he has offered to teach for free with a focus on staples that are in the food pantry. These classes would be open to any in the community. These classes may also be a precursor to a new worship service involving the preparing of food and then worship over a meal.

2. Lynn has set up an appointment with Grant Communications to get a quote on new phones. He will also follow up on pricing a new sign for Park Street. We will see if we can afford both.

3. Our curb and gutter bill may not be the $7600 as listed. The city won’t know until they are in the project how many sewer caps we will need. We agreed not to put back the sidewalk terrace which is a savings. If the bill remains high we will pay one half of the cost and spend the next eight years paying on the tax bill at 3% interest ($400 per year). If the bill drops by half, we will pay all at once.