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Church in Renewal

A Church in renewal asks, “What is God up to in our congregation and our neighborhood.”
St Mark’s response to that question was to gather around a fire pit on our front lawn and meet our neighbors. We enjoyed meeting adults, children, and dogs as they walked down Spruce Street. Then came the expansion of our playground for neighborhood children and a straw bale garden. It was great to see people picking green beans in August!

But what does this have to do with renewal?
We believe congregations need to get out of their buildings and into their neighborhoods. At St Mark’s, we want to partner with others to create a better world. (Isn’t that what God wants?) We have a lot to learn from our neighbors, young and old, about life in this world of ours. And we can care for our community, and the most vulnerable among us, better together than alone.

Renewal means change, but these things will never change:
The people of St Mark’s welcome everyone, regardless of how they dress, income level, sexual or gender identity, and ability or status in the community. Our play area in the worship space is open to all and a big help for families. Holy Communion is for everyone and includes gluten free bread, wine, and non-alcoholic juice.

We are using some Spanish and American Sign Language in our worship.
We believe when we learn someone’s language, we open our heart to them. We want to open our hearts to all God’s creation, including people from other parts of the world. Esto te incluye a ti.

St Mark’s is committed to food ministry.
The Food Pantry is open on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. The Friday Noon Meal is open to all and includes delicious food from EPIC. We always welcome new volunteers and are open to exploring other ways to respond to food injustice in our community.

An invitation:
Do you need some change in your life? If so, worship with us on Sundays at 10:00am and be renewed.


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